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If you don’t understand the difference between a lease and a loan, you are not alone. Many business owners continue to finance their equipment the “old fashioned” way, through loans, because they don’t fully understand the potential benefits of leasing their equipment. Ashton Business Capital will help you determine if leasing your equipment is right for your business.
Realizing Your Benefits of Business Equipment Leasing

Initial Cost: Think 100% Financing.

Equipment Obsolescence: The ability to upgrade your equipment and stay competitive in today’s market. If the equipment appreciates, buy it. If the equipment depreciates, lease it.

Tax Benefit: The ability to write-off 100% of the annual lease payments in most businesses.

Off Balance Sheet Financing: Improves your balance sheet by reducing long-term debt.

Improves Cash Flow:
No depleting your working capital.

Ashton Business Capital secures financing for all types of new and used equipments:

Veterinary Equipment Financing                                              Medical Equipment Financing
Agricultural Equipment Financing                                            Dry Cleaning Equipment Financing
Construction Equipment Financing                                         Metalworking Equipment Financing
Office Equipment Financing                                                      Fitness Equipment Financing
Printing Equipment Financing                                                  Heavy Equipment Financing
IT Equipment Financing                                                             Industrial Equipment Financing
Dental Equipment Financing                                                    Farm Equipment Financing

Ashton Business Capital will help you determine if leasing or financing your equipment is right for your business.

Capital Equipment Leasing Made Easy! Absolutely No Application Fee!

-Start-up and Established Businesses with Previous Credit Problems Welcome-

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